About us

About us

our history: from dream to reality

Effort hard work and continuous improvement, since 2005 were the secret to achieve current success, we are a young company, but with extensive experience in the field, which allows us to offer quality products today in a very efficient way for all our clients.

What was long ago just a Dream is now a reality, the possibility of reaching more places than we could have originally imagined. Expanding our level of distribution year after year.

Currently, we work with more than 20 brands, which in turn have countless product lines that we make available to our clients, thus allowing us to efficiently supply retail businesses.

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our story

We work and have fun

We think that fundamental success is in our human capital

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Our Team

Marcelo Herbas


Entrepreneur, visionary strategist and founder of our organization

Carlos Herbas


Experienced, efficient, collaborative and very dedicated to his work is our General Manger