MaxPower MPD6412TS

Wi-Fi enabled Bluetooth speaker system with a Huge Touch Screen 15.4” that runs with Android operating system and Google* Platform which provides smooth and simple navigation. You can download and stream YouTube*/ Pandora* /Spotify*/ Facebook* or any of your favorite apps, web pages, music, videos, and movies for endless entertainment. This Powerful Bluetooth Speaker System of 10,000W P.M.PO, Potent and Amazing sound! This speaker is ideal for Karaoke feature! You can stream and sing your preferred songs directly from the touch screen!




  • Wi-Fi enabled Bluetooth Speaker System
  • Huge Touch Screen 15.4”
  • Android operating system and the Google* Platform provides smooth and simple navigation
  • You can download and stream YouTube*/ Pandora* /Spotify*/ Facebook* or any or your favorite apps for endless entertainment.
  • Powerful Bluetooth Speaker System 10,000W P.M.PO
  • Two woofers of 15” and two Tweeters with colorful LED lights
  • Digital stereo Mixing /Master Equalization Knobs
  • Individually Knobs to control Echo, Treble and Bass
  • Two Microphone Inputs, Guitar Input, Aux Input
  • Two USB ports / SD Card & TF Card Port /HD Port
  • Microphone and remote control included.


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